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Army Worm Control In Marietta, GA

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Fighting Fire With Fire Through Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control

Noticing yellow patches of grass around your yard? Seeing ragged or 'transparent' grass stalks in the lawn? There's no doubt about it – fall armyworms have taken over your Marietta property.

Armyworm moth caterpillars are destructive pests that consume turf grasses in the greater Atlanta area. These creatures have also been known to feed on vegetables and other plants when food is scarce. Although armyworms eventually become moths, their worm-like larvae stage causes the most damage to our properties. When large numbers are present around your lawn, you might see their iconic 'marching' as they trek across sidewalks, driveways, and stepping stones. Heavy infestations are extremely common in the Marietta area and can destroy lawn grasses and render yards bare in just a few weeks.

Thankfully, not all is lost. The professional team at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control has years of experience in the industry and offers armyworm treatments built to control their numbers as quickly and safely as possible. We have what it takes to keep dangerous pest species well away from your property and are equipped with the tools and treatments to get the job done right.

If you're concerned about a potential armyworm infestation around your Marietta home or business, don't hesitate to contact Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control at your earliest convenience. We provide pest and lawn services in Marietta, GA, and will set up a time to inspect your property and provide a treatment quote.

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Armyworm Control From Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control

Before fall armyworm moth treatments are applied to your yard, Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control will take a closer look at your property and assess its current health. Our technicians will inspect the entire area for the signs and symptoms of armyworm activities, then provide you with a report of our findings so you can make an informed decision for your property.

Here's what we use to identify armyworms in the yard:

  • Armyworm caterpillars are light green or tan in their earliest stage of growth and dark green or brown in their later stages of life.
  • Full-grown armyworm larvae are 1.5 to 2 inches long at maturity and almost completely hairless from head to tail.
  • Armyworms have a series of green, yellow, or brown stripes running down the length of their bodies, which help to distinguish them from other similar species of caterpillars.

Once Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control confirms the activity of armyworms around your local home or business, we can jump into action with a comprehensive plan that uproots their activity at its core. We rely on a special armyworm treatment uniquely formulated for ongoing control, which can be applied to your home or business property within days of our initial inspection. During our time on your property, we may decide to treat the perimeter, hot spots, harborage zones, and other at-risk areas of the yard. We may also recommend additional treatments to encourage armyworms to stay well away from your property.

Once your armyworm population has been successfully managed by our team, we will provide additional details related to ongoing care and prevention. At Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control, we recommend the following tried-and-true steps:

  • Mow your lawn regularly and maintain it at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches. The shorter your grass is, the healthier it becomes, and the more resistant to armyworms and other pests it will be.
  • Water your grass deeply but less frequently to reduce attractant factors. Moisture is a key component of the armyworm lifecycle.
  • Monitor for armyworms on a regular basis, especially during times of peak activity (such as late summer and early fall). If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control immediately.

Please keep in mind these suggestions are only the beginning. Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control is fully aware that every armyworm infestation is unique, which is why we provide customized suggestions depending on your needs. For more information about our turf management program or to schedule a full inspection, don't hesitate to call the trained experts at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today.

Turn To Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control For Armyworm Control

If you see armyworms starting to make their way into your Marietta lawn or garden, don't hesitate to contact Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control right away. Our team can use specialty products and targeted treatments to both exterminate and control armyworm numbers, ensuring you maintain uncompromised control over your lawn and garden. There's no need to entertain these destructive lawn pests with us around; we make short work of armyworms and all their destructive behaviors.

Ready to get started with lawn fertilizing in Marietta? Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control would be happy to help. Give us a call today for more details and pricing.

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