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Lawn Care & Pest Control In Buckhead, GA

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Landscaping Service In Buckhead, GA

Buckhead is the uptown commercial and residential district we all know and love! Whether you live or work here, you know how beneficial being in this financial hub can be to your lifestyle. Because of the bustling nature of all the businesses in the area, there’s never a dull moment in Buckhead!

We’re all proud to be in Buckhead and take pride in the appearance of our properties! Nevertheless, we rarely all have the time to care for our lawns and landscaping as we’d like. Even if we did have the time, few of us have the expertise it takes to create curb appeal that’s as outstanding as it deserves to be on our prized property.

That’s where Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control can help you out! When you need the best service for landscaping in Buckhead, GA, our local experts have got you covered.

Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control is a veteran-owned company that focuses on building relationships and providing exceptional service to its valued customers. Our team is committed to community involvement, earning the trust of local property owners in the area we love! 

We’re here to do more than make your property’s curb appeal more beautiful than ever before. We’re here to provide customer service that goes above and beyond the norm, treating you like our neighbor! 

Allow us to earn your trust, your return business, and referrals. Contact our team to schedule your appointment for your first service today!

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How To Keep Your Buckhead Backyard Free Of Mosquitoes And Ticks

The best way to keep your Buckhead backyard free of mosquitoes and ticks is to rely on your local experts for professional help! Here at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control, we’re ready and able to provide effective mosquito control services and help you get rid of ticks in Buckhead.

Both mosquitoes and ticks can present health concerns to you and your loved ones. Instead of dealing with health issues, rely on us to take care of these pests with our mosquito and tick control service in Buckhead!

Our experts will inspect your property and treat infested sites and problem areas with conducive conditions. Then, we’ll provide affordably priced and conveniently scheduled treatments that resolve the issues they present by removing them from your property. These services are rooted in science, so you can expect to see the results you’re looking for!

Why Crabgrass Is Bad For Buckhead Lawns

Unfortunately, the worst thing about crabgrass isn’t that it’s an unsightly addition to your lawn. It can compromise the health of your lush, green grass!

This clumpy-looking weed can take over your entire lawn in record time, stopping your turf from getting the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. Luckily, Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control is here to get rid of crabgrass with our comprehensive and effective crabgrass control services in Buckhead!

In the early spring, between February and April, our team is ready to feed your lawn the nutrients it needs while preventing crabgrass from reemerging. We’ll apply a combination product to the lawn you love that’ll control the following types of weeds while nourishing healthy grass:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Clover
  • Daisy Weed
  • Broadleaf Weeds
  • Buttercup
  • Ragwort

Our treatments handle crabgrass, the other listed weeds, and more! If you’re sick of seeing your lawn compromised by weeds, it’s time to bring our team of local experts out to your property to take care of the problem for good. We’ll see you this spring!

Is It Good To Put Lime On Your Lawn In Buckhead?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! There are many benefits to putting lime on your lawn in Buckhead. Luckily, putting down lime is one of the seasonal services in Buckhead we offer here at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control!

So what are the benefits of lime, exactly? Well, first and foremost, your grass will be greener! Lime effectively balances the pH levels in your soil, creating the conditions for green, thick grass to grow and making your lush lawn more resistant to external factors like drought and heat.

Lime helps to put weeks in their place, making grass so healthy it’s prone to choke them out instead of the other way around. Lime also supports your grass seeding efforts, preparing the soil to take to the seeds if applied a few months before the seeding process.

In addition to balancing the pH levels, lime adds calcium and magnesium to your soil, making it nutrient-rich for grass. These conditions promote the growth of microorganism populations, creating an even healthier lawn environment!

Lime increases thatch decomposition and helps fertilizers, and herbicides fulfill their purposes. Overall, lime is incredibly helpful to your lawn!

The most effective time to have our experts lime your lawn is during the winter, between December and January. That way, the soil can absorb the lime all season long. Give us a call when the time is right, and enjoy all of the benefits lime can provide.

The Best Way To Care For Shrubs On Your Buckhead Property

Trust our professionals at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control to care for shrubs on your property in Buckhead! That way, you’ll ensure they receive the best possible care.

We’re the landscaping company you can trust to keep your shrubs healthy. We offer a seven-round treatment that’s carefully timed throughout the year to ensure your shrubs receive excellent care under the perfect conditions.

First, we apply dormant oil spray in late winter to control insect eggs and fungal spores. Next, we provide a balanced fertilization treatment in the very early spring.

The third step of the process involves systemic insect and disease controls at the end of the spring season. The fourth, fifth, and sixth steps involve miticide applications during the summer. The seventh step involves shrub fertilization during late fall.

Call us to start the process for stunning shrubs with our exceptional Buckhead shrub care service!

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