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Pest Control
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Pests Problems In Marietta

Our warm, humid climate enables us to enjoy outdoor activities for most of the year. Although the absence of long months of freezing weather is beneficial, the downside is that it allows pests to flourish. Rats, mice, spiders, mosquitos, flies, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, and gnats are pests that cause issues and unwanted stress for Marietta residents.

Residential pest control in Marietta from Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control is necessary to avoid the disease, contamination, and damage these common Marietta pests can cause. Pests threaten the physical and mental well-being of family members and pets living in your home as well as your Marietta property itself.



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Common Pests We Treat


Why Choose Us for Pest Control

For more than 2 decades, our veteran-owned company began with the goal of serving our community by providing superior pest and lawn services in Marietta. Because we are a veteran-led company, integrity, honesty, training, and hard work are values instilled into our team. Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control service professionals utilize the latest scientific tools and techniques to control pest problems on your property.

How We Keep Pests From Creating Problems

Our process begins with an hour-long inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to determine which pests are causing an issue. Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control is a home pest control company with the tools and techniques backed by over twenty years in the pest control industry. Learn more about about our pest control inspection process below.

Determining Entry Points

Most pests enter houses in Marietta from the outside during drastic temperature changes or unusual dry spells. Therefore, finding the entry points into your home is crucial to our investigation. When a visual inspection proves difficult, we utilize moisture meters, UV lights, and telescoping cameras to discover how pests are infiltrating your home. These scientific tools enable us to find the cracks, crevices, and holes in the foundation, crawlspace, basement, roofline, and attic areas of the house that pests are using to enter your home.

Determining Where Pests Live

Before pests enter your house, they arrive on your property searching for food, water, and shelter. If they find these three life-sustaining elements, they stay and eventually try to migrate into your home. Therefore, part of our investigation involves identifying where the pests live on the property and what they use for water and food sources.

Identifying Pests in Your Home

Once we determine entry points, we look for signs to indicate which type of pest is in your house. You may have droppings near your refrigerator, but how do you know if they are from a house mouse or an American cockroach? Fortunately, our trained service professionals can determine which species is depositing the droppings. Understanding the species invading your house is crucial because home pest control methods for mice differ from cockroaches!

Home Inspection Report

When we finish our investigation, we create a Home Inspection Report. This report details the type of pest invading your property, likely sources of food, water, and shelter, and the access points into your house. Our detailed report explains the problem and gives our recommended custom pest control solution for your home. To help ensure you understand the problem and our strategic, practical solutions, we will review the report with you.

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Why You Need Perimeter Monitoring

Pests continually reproduce and migrate, so once we resolve the pest problem in your home, the fight with pests is not over. Although we address attractions and access points during our treatment process, spiders, flies, gnats, mice, rats, and other pests continue to fly, crawl and walk through your property. Also, as the seasons change, potential pest threats shift for your home. Rodents may not have been the initial reason you needed Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control, but as temperatures drop due to winter, rats or mice may become an issue.

We offer perimeter pest control programs to ensure you do not have a repeat pest invasion and to prevent new pests from infesting your house. Our programs involve 30-minute visits to your home on a recurring schedule. These visits enable us to stop problems before they manifest in your house. During these regular visits, a service professional will check your property for new pests, monitor existing pest populations, and document any changes, problems, and potential issues. As always, we will inform you of new threats, changes, or issues in a detailed report; you will also receive appropriate action steps to stop the problem.

Home protection pest control from Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control is essential to maintaining a pest-free property. Our longevity in the pest control industry is evidence of the high-quality service we provide to homes and businesses in the Marietta area. We are not satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied! Contact us today to learn more about our army worm controlmosquito control, and termite control programs and how we can help you.

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