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Tree & Shrub Care

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree & Shrub Care

What is tree and shrub care?

Shrub and tree care is the process of ensuring any shrubs and trees on your property are their healthiest through the application of fertilizations and treatments that combat insect infestations and plant disease. Our service professionals at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control utilize dormant oils as part of our tree and shrub care services; these dormant oils are an all-natural product that smothers insects and their eggs, protecting your shrubs and trees from infestation. Dormant oils are safe for both children and pets, so you won’t need to worry about harsh chemicals being used around your property.

Our tree and shrub care program has seven rounds timed to work with the seasons and give your property the detailed care it needs to thrive. They include:

  1. Late winter foliar application of dormant oil spray to combat overwintering insects
  2. Early spring fertilization to help with blooming plants
  3. Late spring foliar treatment to combat insect infestations and diseases
  4. Early summer foliar treatment to treat insects, diseases, and mites as needed
  5. Summer treatment to continue combating insects and diseases
  6. Late summer treatment for insects and diseases
  7. Fall fertilization to help with blooming plants when spring comes around again

Contact us today to learn how we can customize our tree and shrub care program for your property.

Why do homeowners need professional tree and shrub care?

Tree and shrub care is an overwhelming process when tackled alone, and you often need specialized equipment and products to fully accomplish quality tree and shrub care. Leaving this task to the professionals helps take the stress of caring for your lawn off of your shoulders and ensures that any trees and shrubs on your property not only look their best, but become their healthiest.

What types of problems can tree and shrub care address?

Tree and shrub care is able to address issues with decaying trees and shrubs, diseased plants, and plants that are suffering from insect infestation. Tree and shrub care programs can also help ensure any blooming plants on your property look their best and achieve the healthiest blooms possible.

How do I know if my property needs tree and shrub care?

Signs that your property needs tree and shrub care include noticing insects on trees or shrubs, the leaves of plants looking dull or appearing to be chewed on, bark problems on trees, or trees and shrubs having major areas of discoloration. Contact Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control at the first signs of these problems so you can receive efficient lawn services in Marietta, GA, and revitalize your trees and shrubs as soon as possible.

How can I prevent future problems on my lawn?

Prevent future problems on your lawn by trusting Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control with your lawn health care needs. Our team of service professionals is highly experienced in treating tree and shrub problems, and we make sure that our seven-step program effectively targets plant diseases and insect infestations in addition to encouraging the healthy growth and blooming of your trees and shrubs. This allows us to ensure that your lawn looks its best and remains healthy year-round.

For reliable lawn health care and turf management programs you can count on, contact Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today.