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Weed Control In Woodstock, GA

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Weed And Crabgrass Control Programs Woodstock Georgia

Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control, Woodstock GA is a family-owned, veteran owned business with more than 20 years of Weed and Crabgrass control experience in the Woodstock GA area. Our lawn weed and crabgrass management team includes experts in lawn management with years of professional experience in providing lawn weed control to Woodstock GA homeowners and commercial properties which count on us for a beautiful lawn.

Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control provides quality broadleaf weed and crabgrass weed control programs your lawn in communities of Woodstock GA.

Broadleaf weeds are in every yard in Woodstock GA. They are easily recognizable. They look very different from other grasses, so it's hard to mistake them. Generally, broadleaf weeds are found in pairs or clusters. There are several types, and most of them are common in our service area. The best way to control broadleaf weed growth is to maintain a dense, healthy lawn. However, maintenance is the easy part; it all starts with proper elimination.

Maple Leaf will plan in advance when this will take place. It's important to make sure the conditions are optimal for application. We avoid using herbicides on windy or hot days. We look ahead in the forecast to ensure no rain is expected for 24 hours post-application. Also, plan not to mow the lawn for a few days both before and after treating. Don't spray a newly seeded lawn, and as a general rule of thumb, wait 4 mowings before using herbicide. Remember, herbicides only work when the weeds are actively growing. Just like aeration, treatment with herbicides must be timed appropriately. Early to mid-Fall is the optimal time to use herbicides on broadleaf weeds.

In our service area, crabgrass is one of the toughest weeds to control. Like a lot of the pesky weeds we see, this one looks just like it sounds. Crabgrass gets its name because it grows and stretches from a central root very low to the ground. The multiple leaves sprawl out like crab legs, and it seizes the opportunity to grow most generously in the late spring when conditions are optimal. Crabgrass seeks bare soil, sunlight and water, but will also grow in hot, dry conditions. The weeds spread enthusiastically all summer long, and by late summer seeds dominate the soil. Although the actual weed dies off in the fall, any remaining weeds can distribute enough seeds to re-germinate in the spring.

Adjust Mower Height: Longer grass shades the area where crabgrass would otherwise grow. Setting the mower to a higher height will discourage crabgrass growth. This is why deep, thick lawns tend to be crabgrass-free.

Watering Techniques: Frequent, short watering sessions don't thoroughly saturate the soil which gives crabgrass a place to thrive. Less frequent, deep watering that penetrates the soil at least 4 inches is best to warding off crabgrass.

Frequent Seeding: Crabgrass seeks out bare spots in a lawn, like along sidewalks, driveways and anywhere else grass seldom grows. Seeding these bare areas in the fall helps to prevent crabgrass from germinating the next growing season.

Apply Mulch: Healthy soil combats crabgrass. As soon as patches of crabgrass are removed, mulch the area. Since crabgrass will grow year after year, keeping weed-prone areas mulched provides a barrier making it harder for seeds to germinate.

Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control recommends a strategy to tackling crabgrass is a combination of pre-emergent herbicides and regular lawn care maintenance.

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