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Growing Green In The Peach State: Tree And Shrub Care Tips For Marietta Residents

January 16, 2024


As residents of the Peach State, Georgians know the importance of maintaining the natural beauty of their surroundings. In Marietta,  diverse soil types allow homeowners to plant a variety of trees and shrubs throughout the year. However, this area also sees its fair share of extreme temperatures and weather conditions that can make it challenging for homeowners to keep their landscape looking pristine all year long. 

At Maple Leaf Lawn & Pest Control, we understand how challenging it can be to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking their best. Our experienced lawn care professionals have over twenty years of experience and have helped thousands of homeowners in this area maintain the plants and trees in their yards. 

Understanding Marietta’s Unique Climate

Marietta typically has hot and humid summers and cold and wet winters. During autumn, the temperatures are mild and usually a little on the warm side. Sometimes, the outdoor temperatures don’t start cooling off until late October or November. While this area does see freezing temperatures, it doesn’t usually reach below 32 degrees until January. 

The mild temperatures in this are usually suitable for homeowners who want to plant new trees and plants. The soil temperatures stay warmer for much longer in Marietta than in other parts of the country, which means that a wide variety of plants and trees can thrive throughout the year. The problem is the amount of rainfall can be unpredictable in this part of the state. In some months, this part of Georgia will receive too much rain; at other times, this area may be in drought. Residents of this area also have to deal with many extreme weather events throughout the year, like hail, strong winds, and tornadoes.

A professional lawn care service can help you keep your plants and trees safe during significant weather events. 

Seasonal Maintenance: Winter Guide For Tree And Shrub Care

While Marietta may be warmer than other parts of the country, this area does see frost and freezing temperatures during the height of winter. When temperatures get below freezing, it can damage the trees and plants in your yard. To ensure your trees and shrubs can make it through the winter, our lawn care specialists recommend trying these steps:

  • Use mulch around the base of your trees and other plants to help regulate soil temperature.

  • Wrap burlap or another thick material around tree trunks to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations. 

  • Delicately remove any snow from branches to prevent breakage. 

If you want to try one more winter lawn care strategy, make sure your trees and plants have plenty of water before the temperatures reach below freezing. The winter can dry out some plants and trees. Making sure that your plants are well-hydrated will help them make it through the harsh winter temperatures. 

Shade And Sun: Placing Trees And Shrubs Strategically

Many of your fruit-bearing trees will require plenty of sunlight. During the winter, they will need at least eight hours of direct sunlight to thrive. However, Your flower-bearing shrubs will benefit from the sun for only part of the day. Planting these in an area where they will be in the shade for part of the day is a good idea. 

Contact a professional lawn care service near you if you need help deciding where to plant your trees and shrubs. 

Enhancing Curb Appeal: Marietta’s Secrets To Beautiful Gardens

Keeping your lawn looking its best all year long can improve the overall appearance of your home. If you are looking for an easy way to maintain your Marietta lawn all year, contact our pros at Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today. Our lawn care professionals use a customized approach to keep your lawn healthy all year long.

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