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Lawn Care & Pest Control In Marietta, GA

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Lawn Care & Pest Control In Marietta, GA

The city of Marietta sits northwest of Atlanta and is the source of much local history while providing all the benefits of an urban environment. Residents and visitors alike enjoy being close to shopping, dining, and entertainment; however, so much foot traffic and the high temperatures and humidity the state of Georgia is known for can wreak havoc on your lawn. At Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control, we understand the importance of a healthy lawn. After all, it’s more than just a piece of land; your lawn is an extension of your home or place of business.

That’s why we focus heavily on providing superior lawn care & pest control in Marietta through an all-inclusive 8-Step Application Turf Management Program. Our program will result in a beautiful lawn that enhances the rest of your property. Thanks to nearly two decades of experience, you can count on us to deliver the results you desire.

Are you ready to enjoy a healthy lawn that reflects pride in your property? Reach out to our team today to explore your lawn care & pest control options and take the first step.

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What Does A Turf Management Program Consist Of In Marietta?

Nature is a powerful force that knows what it’s doing. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t use a little help to put your best lawn forward. Our turf management program is all you need when it comes to a lawn care service.

To ensure success, we’ve maximized our effectiveness by matching our process to the time of year, all year long. Our team modifies its approach based on the type of grass you have on your property. We typically work with Bermuda/zoysia grass or fescue grass. By adjusting our applications to the season and grass type, we can ensure optimal results for your property.

Say hello to a better way with our lawn care services. Reach out to Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today to learn more about how we can help you enjoy a healthier lawn.

Seasonal Lawn Fertilizing & Lime Applications In Marietta

There is no such thing as two identical lawns. Even if it’s the lawn next door, the pH balance, soil composition, amounts of sun and shade, and other factors can vary wildly. That’s why we provide seasonal lawn treatment services designed to ensure maximum health for your lawn. Our service is broken down by season as follows:

  • Early spring: Most types of grass wake up around mid-February, which is the perfect time to start feeding your lawn. Doing this strengthens the roots and promotes a good start. We’ll apply a combination product that holds a pre-emergent to control different types of weeds like crabgrass.
  • Summer: For this season, we offer total control programs that include mosquito, perimeter pest, and termite control to protect and strengthen your lawn against these threats among other tasks.
  • Fall: This season is optimal for growth, thanks to cool nights and warm days with ample rainfall. We use specific fertilizers to carry your lawn into the winter months. In addition, we’ll remove your leaves since they can destroy the root system and cause lawn fungus when spring returns.
  • Winter: During the winter, we’ll lime your lawn since that’s when the soil has the most time to absorb it and the pre-emergent.

By following this process, you’ll end up with a healthier lawn than you ever believed possible. Our team is happy to walk through the entire process with you and get your lawn back on track.

Make your lawn healthy and beautiful by working with our team; contact Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today to learn more about our seasonal lawn treatment services and get started.

Should You Aerate Before Seeding In Marietta?

Most homeowners understand the concept of doing more to make their lawns healthier. However, for those who are inexperienced or untrained, it can get confusing when it comes to aerating or seeding your lawn.

Without a doubt, aerating your lawn must come before seeding to ensure maximum results. The reason for this is that aeration helps prepare the soil to receive the nutrients and seeds that are applied during overseeding.

At Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control, we perform spring and fall lawn aeration services. We do this at those times because Georgia boasts what’s known as warm-season grass, which has higher germination temperatures of somewhere between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are you ready to take your lawn care & pest control game to a new level? Reach out to Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today to explore your lawn aeration service needs to enjoy a picture-perfect lawn.

Simple Tips To Prevent Future Termite Infestations In Your Marietta Home

The last thing any Marietta homeowner wants to face is a termite infestation. With a large colony and enough time, termites can easily cause thousands of dollars in property damage. To make things worse, insurance rarely covers the damage, meaning the cost comes out of your pocket. Fortunately, we have some simple tips to prevent future termite infestations, such as:

  • Have an annual termite inspection: An annual inspection ensures trained professionals have the chance to identify an infestation long before the damage takes its toll. Plus, they’ll have the resources needed to correct your problem.
  • Look for infestation signs: Look for signs like discarded wings, frass, mud tubes, and other signs of activity around the foundation. Doing this can help you stop possible problems before they occur.
  • Reduce moisture accumulation: Keep the moisture and humidity levels around your property down to prevent termites.
  • Remove wood-to-soil contact: Keep all wood away from the soil and your house to minimize how attractive your house is to termites.

Our team has the training and resources needed, like our Sentricon® system for termite treatments, to eliminate today’s termites while preventing future infestations. Say goodbye to termites in your home for good. Reach out to Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Pest Control today for your termite control needs and live termite-free.

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